Meet the faces you don't even have to look at.

Meet the voices behind the Podcast.  The one on the left is Laura.  The other one is Haley.  We have been BFFs for so long we can't even remember when or how we met.  Also we have never actually been BFFs but it seems like now’s as good a time as any to give it the ol’ college try.  We live on the same street and have at least one kid the same age...still can’t figure out how we met.  Seriously.  But in all seriousness we don’t like being serious.  Like at all.  We like to laugh a each other and at other people.  Come hang out with us cuz this is what we look like when we're having fun!

Read more about Laura HERE and check out her Real Estate gig HERE.

Read more about Haley HERE and check out her Photography gig HERE.

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