The only emotion I can think of to describe how I’m feeling today is a word that my oldest daughter made up on the first day of school back in 3rd or 4th grade…”nerve-cited!”  A mix of nerves and excitement.  And that’s exactly how I’m feeling!  We are only 7 days away from our podcast launch and my mind is keeping me awake at night with every. single. thing. that could possibly go wrong!  Or even worse, what if everything goes right but people hate it?!  Have we completely over-sold this thing?  Is anyone REALLY going to listen to us and then listen again?!  

I know, I know.. These are all probably normal feelings when starting anything new.  But it feels like there’s just so much to get done and not enough time to do it….especially with a KID HOME FROM SCHOOL last week and this week!  (Can we all agree that 14 days from contact with COVID is too long to quarantine from school?) 

And by the way - I am basically a 7th grade teacher right now so come at me bro, with all your questions about the endocrine system,  the correct outline for writing an informative essay, including a thesis, supporting evidence and universal conclusion, or putting together a pitch for a movie about a true story and telling investors why they should pick it up.  Apparently I am needed for every. single. assignment.  I have no idea how these things would all get done if my child was actually AT SCHOOL…..bitter, much?  Also, she would like me to be a short order cook while I’m at it.  Apparently a sandwich “just doesn’t taste as good” when she makes it herself.  Puh-leeeeeease.

While she eats the gourmet sandwich I prepared with mayo, bacon, ham and one piece of turkey, maybe I can finish telling you why I can’t shake this “nerve-cited-ness” I’m feeling.

We are really putting ourselves out there, aren’t we?  I have already posted a family photo that I *hate* of myself on the blog and all over social media because it’s the only recent picture of our whole family that I could find where my kids look pretty close to what they look like as of today.  I kinda needed that for my bio blog, so I swallowed my pride and went with it.  No biggie right?  I should probably get used to feeling stupid and not caring?!  Why is that tough for me sometimes?!  And more importantly, why am I curling my upper lip into my teeth in that photo?  It’s weird and not how I smile in real life.  Shouldn’t photographers know these things?

And then there’s the whole “what if we keep saying we are launching next Monday and then we can’t figure out how to actually get the thing to show up?!”  I mean that’s just one minor detail, right?  To actually get our voices on the listening platforms for people to find.  NBD.  Or what about people being annoyed with us because we are asking them to follow us and listen to us and all the things we are asking them to do...why in the world would they do that anyway?  

But here we are.  And apparently it’s happening.  

Here’s what I do know...I have been wanting to start a podcast for quite some time now.  And so has Laura.  We have joked about it enough and it has come up enough times that we finally realized it’s not going to start itself.  We could keep talking about it and I could keep trying to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to be doing with my life.  Or we could decide to just TRY IT.  Even if we suck or fail or whatever the real fear is here….at least we’ll have a little more knowledge than we did before and probably a few laughs along the way!  And if all else fails, I can probably just teach people how to make sandwiches for the rest of my life.  So let’s take some deep breaths, put one foot in front of the other, and just do this thing!  Why the heck not?! 


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