Spread The Love Campaign

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear February....VALENTINE'S DAY! Am I right?! Valentine's Day is all about LOVE so we decided this is a great month to SPREAD THE LOVE all month long! Not just to your other half, but to alllll the people! We wanted to create a way to help you connect with others and be intentional about showing them love or let them know how they've shown you love.

We created this fun little logo and hope that you'll share with your friends and tag us on social media when you're doing the spreading of the love. :) There are a couple of ways you can participate!

Join us daily in our Instagram Stories @thisiswhatwelooklike_podcast to see the prompt for the day. You can screenshot the blank prompt and then tag a friend and complete the prompt! Here's an example:

Another way to participate is to hand out actual notes or cards to people! We have created 10 unique cards with "Spread the Love" prompts that you can fill out and give to friends, teachers, kids, grocery store worker, whoever you can think of! You can purchase a set of 10 for $14 or a set of 20 for $25. Just send an email to hello@thisiswhatwelooklike.com and we'll get them to you ASAP! (Yes, we ship.)

Or you can just copy our prompts and make them ourselves! Write a note, send a text, whatever you can think of to spread the love this month! We'd love to hear ways that you are doing this, all month long! Maybe you're paying for the person behind you at Starbucks or giving an unusually large tip to the car hop at Sonic. Or maybe you can send an email about how awesome an employee was at a store or a server at a restaurant. We just want you to be thinking of ways to spread the love! And let us know because we always need new ideas!

Happy February, y'all! Go be lovely (and lovable). ;)


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