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Well hey there, hey! Laura here, dropping in on the blog today to introduce myself so we can get to know each other a little better. Before I get started, I want to say that it’s an honor that you’re here and reading this. Truly. Haley and I both are excited to build a community here with each and every one of you. I’ll go first…

One of my greatest blessings in life is my large family.  Although, I’m not sure I recognized what a great gift they were until I was an adult. I’m one of five children (yes, FIVE). I have two brothers and two sisters, and am number four in the pecking order. It was a full house, and probably even louder than what you’re imagining in your head. My husband swears that being from a large family has conditioned me to be able to watch tv, talk on the phone, and write this blog post all at one time. He’s probably right. I shared a room with my little sister until I was in junior high, and learned early that if you wanted the good snacks after Mom came home from the store, you’d need to either beat my brother to them, or look under his bed. 

If my parents really wanted to test their will and their commitment to each other, we embarked on a family road trip! The car was either a Ford station wagon, or, when we got older and super fancy, a Ford Explorer van. Since my younger sister and I are the babies, we always got the rear-facing backseat (why was that a thing?) in the station wagon, or far, far, far back of the Explorer. That may sound like the equivalent of the seat next to the bathroom on a full flight, but my brother usually found himself below the seats in the cargo area of the van (no seat belts required in the 80s), so we felt special.  

Our trips often started in the middle of the night because my dad cared a whole lot more about peace than his own sleep. We’d wake up to our sweet mom giving us donuts and milk, as dad stared down the last few hours of the trip. If, on occasion, we had to stop for lunch or dinner, McDonald’s was the crowd favorite. Mom would carefully listen to everyone’s preferences,

“I want McNuggets!”

No pickles!”

“Can we mix orange drink and sprite?”

“Extra ketchup!”

And then my dad would pull up to the drive-thru to order,

“I need five cheeseburgers, five cokes.”

But learning as a young kid that life isn’t about you and your preferences is the (sour) gift that has kept on giving. Thanks, Dad. And I was allergic to the onions on the burger, I’ll have you know. 

It was loud and crazy, but somehow my parents seemed to keep it together. As a mom of two, I’m completely dumbfounded. I have no idea how they could stay sane without some kind of substance abuse or therapy. But if you know them, you know.  They’re pretty special.

That motley crew of seven quickly turned into Papa and Kay Kay and their brood of five kids, five in-laws, thirteen grandchildren, and, as of right now, two grandsons-in-law and two great grandsons. And a partridge in a pear tree. With the exception of one nephew who is grown and living in Austin, we are all in the DFW area where my family has lived my entire life.  It’s a huge gift!

Now, my own (smaller) family keeps me on my toes.  David and I met in 2002, when I was in law school and he was getting his MBA. We both went to SMU, but met at the church where my family had been since I was a baby. He was the perfect exclamation point on a wonderful time in my life. He is different than me in so many ways, and even though that makes it hard to see eye-to-eye sometimes, it also makes our foundation wider and stronger. He’s quiet, loyal, analytical, and without a doubt the hardest worker I know. 

Our kids came soon after we got married in 2004.  Our son, Collin, made his debut in July of 2005, and his sweet sister, Sarah Kate, was born just two years and one day later in July of 2007! David is the parent who let them stack pillows at the bottom of the stairs and slide into them, and told them that they could jump off the roof onto the trampoline when they turned nine (which at the time seemed like lightyears away.  Think they forgot? NO. No they did not.) I’m the parent who packs the lunches and makes the doctor’s appointments after the kids are injured sliding off the stairs. It works, and the kids are still alive and happy. 

As I type this, I’m watching college football. Nebraska vs. Ohio State. I have no affiliation with either school, but I will pick a favorite and watch this game like it’s the national championship. That’s been a surprise of my forties, I think. I’ve grown into an unashamed sports fanatic, whether it’s my kids playing, college kids playing, or anywhere in between. I’m passionate about rooting FOR a team, and rarely root against anyone, but I married an Aggie so we never cheer for Texas. 

Sarah Kate has no desire to play team sports, although we tried. We laugh about her soccer debut when I had to give her “super speed” lip gloss to get her on the field. That should’ve been a clue, really. Volleyball was a no-go as well even though that’s the sport I played and desperately wanted her to enjoy. She’s settled into cheer and loves it, falling in line with a lot of her girl cousins who’ve done the same. She’s kind, loyal, tender-hearted and so organized. I’m hoping she’ll stick around and run my life when she grows up. She’s not allowed to leave home.

Collin has played sports since he was three and is passionate about them. Watching him compete has become one of our favorite pastimes, and also how I learned to scream like an overweight, fifty-something male. He’s now a freshman in high school and playing football and baseball. David and I are his biggest fans, although we love to give constructive feedback that I’m sure he’ll really appreciate one day. I watch a lot of football, remember? I even watch ESPN by myself and listen to the analysis. I’m basically a coach and he’s lucky to have me. 

When I am not mom-ing or talking to Haley, I am a real estate broker in north Texas and I absolutely love it.  I’ve lived here my whole life, and have really enjoyed helping others lay down their roots in Dallas. My business has been 100% referral-based and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who have trusted me with some of their biggest moves. I’ve been selling real estate now for over a decade and plan to continue for many more! (Want to get in touch? You can reach me via this blog or at

I’m so grateful that you’re here. We can’t wait to get to know you, serve you, and hopefully brighten your day a little along the way. 


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