This Is What We Look Like After Thanksgiving | Show Notes, Episode 104

We are full of turkey and pie and not too sure what day it is. In fact, Haley seems to have forgotten that we have a podcast. BUT- here we are anyway, recapping our Thanksgiving, sharing about the leftover sandwich experience, and what we've learned from our newfound noodle friends. Remember that we're here for you. - especially if this time of year brings feelings of loss or sadness. We'd love to help you find connection this season, and have linked an advent resource below.

-Laura and Haley

Nertz Game

Waiting Here For You by Louie Giglio- a beautiful Advent devotional/journal

Style House Frisco

Perfectly Gifted Frisco

Tumbleweed TexStyles

Vino Coterie

A Little Bit Of Happy

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