This is what we look like on Turkey Day

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. One of my favorites. It’s filled with all of the very best things: faith, food, family, and football. It’s really hard not to love it.

But Thanksgiving in 2020? How’s that going to play out? I’m envisioning a turkey fire, a Cowboys loss, and - I don’t know- maybe a power outage. We could also pepper it with a little social unrest and a world-wide pandemic since it’s the holiday season. That feels predictable in the worst possible way. And really, that’s not how we think. It can’t be how we live.

Somebody slap me! It’s time for an attitude shift. I’m reclaiming 2020 starting with Thanksgiving!

In 2020, we’ve walked roads that we never would’ve chosen, and made decisions with no roadmap. Some are struggling with their health, some with their finances, some in their relationships, and probably so many of us are struggling within our own heads and hearts. Yes, we didn’t choose 2020, but we are making it. We are. I promise. You may be going into Thanksgiving feeling empty. Our prayer is that by finding ways to be grateful, you will be filled again. Without sounding too trite, let’s count our blessings. Let’s really write them down and say them out loud. Let’s all do that and then see what happens, okay? Use this nifty little printable if you need a pretty little visual reminder!

One thing is for certain, we will all be eating on Thanksgiving. At least, I really hope you are. While I don’t think the first Thanksgiving dinner involved casseroles, I think we can agree that the bake-‘til-bubbly recipes have only enhanced the holiday. So if you’d like to have a little of the Mary Kay magic at your house this year, I’m including one of our favorite recipes.

My mom’s sweet potato casserole is a staple at every holiday meal. As I mentioned on the podcast, THESE ARE NOT YAMS because I live south of the Mason-Dixon. Also, and I will not pretend to be impartial here, DO NOT put marshmallows on this. Gross. Super gross, actually. Nuts are optional and probably would help to cut some of the sweetness of the topping but I don’t use them. You do you on the nuts. And if you’re a nutritionist-or just a person who can see that this is a ridiculous amount of sugar in one 9x13- yes, I realize that you could pretty much put this in a pie crust and call it dessert. That’s probably the main reason my family loves it.

Fill your bellies.

Hug your people.

Watch football.

Breathe deep and reclaim 2020!



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