This Is What We Look Like When We Gag

There's nothing quite like attending a White Elephant Holiday Party...especially when you're with the right people! I've attended or hosted my fair share of gift exchanges and there's definitely more laughs to be had than you may think. Could you bring something practical but weird...yes. But why would you do that? Impractical and funny is always the way to go, in my book!

In Episode 105 of the podcast, we talk about our favorite gag gifts...some we have given, some we have received and some we have heard about and can't wait to gift to that special someone! We've created a gag gift guide with all the fun we talk about in the episode. We'd love to know your favorites!

  1. Prank Pack Gift Box

  2. Fish Flops (Coddies)

  3. Fart Blowing Bubble Machine

  4. Live Goldfish

  5. Slow Rising Turd Stretchy Poo

  6. Reindeer Mankini

  7. Humping Animals Coloring Book

  8. Tortilla Blanket

  9. Horse Head

  10. Hairy Man Belly Fanny Pack

  11. Shittens

  12. Custom Face Socks

  13. Gift Card or Anything in Jello

  14. Willy Warmer (A Heater for your Peter)

  15. Hairy Leggings

  16. Squirrel Feeder (Horse Head)


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